Engineered with your safety in mind

Did you know that your tyre contact patch is comparable to the size of a postcard? Tyres matter. They’re the only one part of your car’s safety system that actually touches the road. Bridgestone engineers tyres with your safety in mind. Wherever you live, whatever vehicle you drive, Bridgestone has the right tyre to help you and your loved ones feel safe on the roads. Bridgestone’s full range of premium tyres delivers outstanding levels of safety, confidence and control.

Tested to the extreme

Bridgestone is dedicated to delivering the highest possible standards of safety in all road and weather conditions, in all regions of the world and at all times of the year. Integrating state-of-the-art tread designs and highly-engineered rubber compounds, Bridgestone’s latest generation of tyres set new standards for grip, manoeuvrability and reliability, even in extreme conditions. We put our tyres to the ultimate test at our proving grounds in Italy and Sweden.

Did you know that Bridgestone...

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