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Latest advice from Bridgestone

The Importance of Tyre Maintenance

Tyres on motorcycles, even more so than on other vehicles, are vital for the safe performance and handling of the bike. Regular maintenance is essential to keep your tyres in top condition.

10 May 2012

Original Equipment (OE) Motorcycle Tyres

Bridgestone manufactures Original Equipment (OE) tyres for a wide range of motorcycles, ensuring carefully tailored performance for each bike.

09 May 2012

Tyre Pressure / Inflation

Always ensure that both front and rear tyres are correctly inflated and check tyre pressure regularly. Tyre pressure has a direct influence on the performance and wear of your tyres.

08 May 2012

Running in New Motorcycle Tyres

In order for your new tyres to provide optimum performance Bridgestone strongly advises that they should be ridden very cautiously for at least the first 125 miles / 200 km in order to condition and settle them on the rim, this allows the tread surface to be “scuffed-in” and function properly.

07 May 2012

Tyre Damage

A damaged tyre can suddenly fail, causing an accident. Bridgestone advises regular monitoring, especially in the case of sudden shocks to your tyres.

06 May 2012

Understanding Motorcycle Tyre Speed Ratings

An explanation of the use of tyre speed ratings on Bridgestone Motorcycle Tyres.

05 May 2012