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Guest Blog – Jack Timms

07 October 2015

Valentino Rossi

Bridgestone & Jack Timms

2015 has been a really good year for me, I started the year doing the Bridgestone Clubmans Championship, the GT Cup on my 250 2 stroke, and the Severn Valley championship. I started the year pretty strong having some good results at every round, my results were very consistent all year which I was happy with. Unfortunately they dropped my group in the GT Cup due to lack of entries. I was finishing 2nd to Rob in most rounds of the Bridgestone Clubmans Championship and was winning the odd race here and there, I soon realised my fitness was letting me down massively so upped my training and soon began to see a change in my riding.

Around half way through the season I had a bit of bad luck and blew my bike up in one race which instantly gave Rob a very valuable 45 points towards the championship. I continued to be consistent getting good results for the remaining rounds. The whole championship came down to the last round at Condover and I knew exactly what I had to do. I had to stop Rob from scoring 4 or more points than me on the Saturday which I managed to just about do, I then had to win both races on Sunday. I had good starts in both races on Sunday and managed to win them both, ended up winning the championship by 1 point! 

In the Severn valley championship there was a lot of rounds throughout the year so it was quite difficult to figure out where I was in the championship at the beginning. About mid-way through the season I was around the top 3 having missed the odd round. A few more rounds went by and I realised I was leading the championship, it came down to the last round at Clearwell, I managed to do what I had to do and win the championship by a very close 9 points! All in all it has been a very good year for me, few things to work on for next season, my fitness being a main one! 

I really can't thank Bridgestone enough for all the support they have given me throughout the year giving me a wicked supply of clothing and an awesome range of tyres to use throughout the year! It's been such a big confidence boost knowing I've had the backing of such a big brand behind me for the year and I really can't thank everyone enough who has been involved!

"I really can't thank Bridgestone enough for all the support they have given me"