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Guest Blog - James Hanscomb

07 October 2015

Valentino Rossi

Bridgestone & James Hanscomb

This year has been a great year. At the start of the year I had a great offer from Lee Jones at Apex Motocross Park who has also helped me get many more sponsors including Bridgestone.

This year I’ve competed in the BYMX (British championship), MX Nationals, MX master kids (France) and three rounds of the Bridgestone series. I came 12th overall in the BYMX championship with some of the fastest riders in the country as well as going to Ireland and riding at Desert Martin, which was a great experience! I enjoyed the three rounds of the Bridgestone series which I did. I managed to get 1st, 3rd and in the final round I got a 1st overall which was cool as a lot of the Bridgestone staff were there. My favourite track out of all the nationals I’ve rode this year is Canada Heights, which I rode for the last round of the MX Nationals getting 10th overall for the weekend, including a holeshot in the last race which was a good finish to the year. The MX Master kids in France I took part in were the one of the best weekend out of 2015, which was great fun. There was even a man holding a chicken in the air during the parade ceremony, along with bangers, and colourful smoke bombs going off too.

After riding the big national tracks on all different types of ground the Bridgestone tyres have been amazing and have gave me a lot of grip and confidence. I would recommend Bridgestone tyres to anyone who riders a motorbike. All of the Bridgestone sponsored Motocross riders were invited to Mira for the world Bridgestone day (three days) to promote Bridgestone motocross tyres to retailers and the Bridgestone staff. These three days were very fun and interesting; I also learned how to play golf with the Bridgestone Golf staff.

Also this year my sponsor Lee Jones at Apex Motocross Park who has done loads for me. I am proud to be advertising Apex Motocross/Bridgestone on my bike and also on our family team jackets with all of my sponsors on it. Apex Motocross Park is an awesome practice track in Worcester on the M5, junction 6, the track is suitable for all abilities and is a great training facility for me.

I am looking forward to the 2016 season, as this will be the second year on my big wheel 85cc, and I will be hoping to achieve my goals for the year, thanks to all the help along the way.

"I would recommend Bridgestone tyres to anyone who rides a motorbike"