Very High Flexion” (VF) describes a pneumatic tyre structure in which the carcass is more resistant than that of the corresponding standard tyre (*). What are the benefits?

Reduced soil compaction in the field

Similar load •

Same speed •

Lower pressure •


Operating at lower pressure reduces soil compaction and thus delivers a greater yield

Carry more load and save time on the road

• Same speed

• Same pressure

• 40% more load


Carrying more load means fewer transport cycles on the road. You gain time and reduce operating costs.

Gain efficiency

Similar load •

Same pressure •

Higher Speed •


The load capacity is independent of speed, so there’s no need to change pressure when moving from the field to the road. You gain time and improve efficiency.

You should never exceed either the recommendations from the vehicle manufacturer or the legal maximums for axle load or speed. 

(*) according to ECE R106 para 2.20.1