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Master your journey, even on a rainy day
Turanza is a premium summer touring range that provides drivers with confidence and control to help them master their journey in both wet and dry conditions.

Weather Control

Master your journey, whatever the season
Weather Control is a premium all season tyre that combines summer and winter tyre features to help drivers keep going all year round with superior performance and comfort.


Master your journey, awaken your senses
Potenza is Bridgestone's dedicated range for the performance segment. Achieve maximum cornering stability, straight stability, and dry braking for the ultimate driving experience.


Master your journey, all winter long
Blizzak is a winter tyre range covering mild, moderate, and severe winter conditions. Drivers can trust Blizzak to overcome unpredictable winter weather to continue on their journey safely.


Master your journey, whatever the terrain
Dueler is an on and off-road tyre range tough enough for whatever lies ahead. This robust range contains optimised features to protect drivers as they conquer challenging terrain and weather conditions.


Groundbreaking best in class fuel efficiency and wet traction
Ecopia prioritises fuel efficiency without compromising on performance. Ultra-low rolling resistance makes any vehicle more fuel-efficient while creating a comfortable journey.


Master your journey, take your business further
Duravis is the smart choice for both commercial fleets and private van owners. Reduce costs, maximise business efficiency and stay in control year-round with the same set of tyres.

General Use

For true, all-round performance
General Use tyres are an all-round choice to meet drivers' basic needs for comfort, cost-efficiency and stability.

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