Weather ControlA005DriveGuard

All Season Car / Suv / 4x4 tyre

A packshot of the Weather Control A005 DriveGuard: a premium all weather tyre that can handle a range of conditions

Weather ControlA005DriveGuard

All Season Car / Suv / 4x4 tyre

Weather Control A005 DriveGuard is an all weather tyre designed for all types of seasonal conditions to keep you going with the same tyres all year round.
  • Awarded EU Label Grade A for its wet grip
  • Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake certified
  • Available with DriveGuard Run-Flat Technology
  • Achieves the same great mileage as other Bridgestone summer tyres
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Technical features & benefits

This image shows Weather Control A005 DriveGuard (an all weather tyre) earned EU Label Grade A because it uses NanoPro-Tech™
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Enhanced pattern and compound

Earned EU Label Grade A for wet grip
TÜV SÜD, an independent and trusted organisation for tyre and wheel testing, awarded Weather Control A005 DriveGuard the highest EU Label Grade for wet grip. Tests results show the deep grooves and unique tyre compound in the tyre help it stop faster and grip wet roads better to give you enhanced safety and comfort year-round.
This image shows Weather Control A005 DriveGuard (an all weather tyre) has a robust framewok to handle seasonal weather conditions
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Robust construction and tread

For long-lasting performance
Our engineers developed Weather Control A005 DriveGuard with the most durable materials to ensure it handles a variety of conditions with ease and maintains the same excellent performance over time. The inner layer of the tyre distributes pressure evenly and absorbs shocks to reduce the potential for tyre damage and extend the tyre’s lifetime.
This image shows Weather Control A005 DriveGuard (an all weather tyre) is Three Peak Mountain Snowflake certified
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Winter tyre features

Certified winter performance
Weather Control A005 DriveGuard earned a Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake mark for its performance in mild winter climates. The tread pattern contains deep grooves traction on snow-covered roads while the superior wet grip allows the tyre to perform well when driving through melting snow or freezing rain.

Legal notice

1 Driving distance after a puncture may vary depending on vehicle load, outside temperature, and when the TPMS is triggered.

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