Winter Car tyre

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Winter Car tyre

The Blizzak LM-32 delivers outstanding levels of grip in a variety of conditions. Giving you the confidence to power across wet, dry and frozen surfaces with total peace of mind.
  • Superior braking and cornering on snow and ice
  • Designed for vans
  • Confident handling in winter conditions
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Technical features & benefits

Reliable performance

Multi-angle block and lamellen design maximises biting edges for improved cornering and braking response in the wet and on compacted snow.

Enhanced durability

Improved construction with lightweight belt package and optimised carcass profile reduces overall weight while boosting durability.


New top compound with advanced silica dispersion delivers superior wear resistance, improved wetweather performance and lower rolling resistance.


3D shoulder sipes minimise block deformation for better control and reliability, even under heavy load conditions.
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Bridgestone winter tyres on a white car driving on a snow-covered road.