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This image shows motorcycle riders standing near their motorbikes with Bridgestone tyres while the sun is setting.


Superlative on-track performance
World-class racing tyres that include the latest technology advancements to deliver excellent grip and handling on the track.


Excellent grip on and off the track
Experience the potential of your sports motorcycle with Bridgestone. This dedicated range focuses on grip, wet performance and reducing wear.


Comfortable and long-lasting ride
Boost your confidence on the road with Bridgestone touring tyres. Offering superior wet performance, dry handling and extended tyre life.


Ideal choice for city riding
Cruise the city with confidence on Bridgestone scooter tyres. Ideal for city riding, these tyres are reliable year-round and durable.


Tailor-made tyres for motorbikes
Get custom-made Bridgestone tyres that meet the needs of any motorcycle, whether its excellent mileage, handling or comfort.


Lasting on and off-road performance
Whether you're riding thousands of miles across the country or exploring off the grid, Bridgestone adventure tyres are the ideal for any journey.

Off Road

Versatile for all types of terrain
Performance, versatility and cutting-edge technology enable Bridgestone off road tyres to help you conquer all types of terrain.

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This image shows a mechanic checking the tyre pressure of a Bridgestone motorcycle tyre.