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3D CTDM (Optimized tyre design)


3D CTDM is Bridgestone’s automated tyre design technology: a cutting-edge programme that includes dynamic 3D simulations and analysis of all aspects of tyre performance. For front tyre patterns, maximising high-speed stability and minimising vibration is important, while rear tyre patterns are developed with higher negative ratios for cornering grip and stability. Tyre profiles are designed with 3D CTDM to give quicker and lighter handling in tight corners. Lateral stiffness is maximised, for improved grip, and linear contact pressure maintained at all lean angles, for smooth handling.

3LC (Stability and cornering grip)

3LC (3 Layer Compound) technology. The shoulder compound provides excellent cornering grip. The center compound offers linear handling.

5LC (Maximum traction at any angle)

5LC (5 Layer Compound) technology. High grip performance has been achieved for every sports racing scene. The edge compound improves rotational stability during steep banking. The shoulder compound improves cornering power and grip performance in the forward direction. The center compound achieves a smooth feeling from straight runs to lean angles.

CAP&BASE (High grip throughout tyre life)

The cap tread contains a compound with soft silica, and the base tread contains a compound with medium silica. These are carefully balanced. While ensuring shock absorption, strong grip performance in various temperature conditions is provided while supporting optimum rigidity.

DBC (Improved manoeuvrability)


Battlax BT-012SS rear tyres are built with a revolutionary Dual Belt Construction: one belt on each shoulder on top of the MBS cord. This DBC gives you high-level cornering grip, manoeuvrability and shock absorption while the "open" centre area improves straight-line stability.

HTSPC (Better all-round handling)


Steel cord material is comprised of individually rubber insulated inner filaments with high thermal conductivity to enhance heat transfer and reduce the risk of blowout. Moisture does not accumulate between filaments, reducing the chance of oxidation. The features promote high speed stability and durability of the tire as a whole. High case rigidity (grip performance) and superior shock absorption have also been achieved by these highly tensile filaments which have strong resistance to deformation.

MS BELT (Runs cooler, more stability)


Lightweight and durable cords are wrapped around the circumference of the tire to provide a smooth grip feeling. This contributes to a high performance tire with weight reduction, improvement in grip improvement, rotational stability, high speed performance and excellent damping effect.

NanoPro-Tech™ (Stronger grip, higher mileage)

Bridgestone's advanced NanoPro-Tech™ technology optimizes the performance characteristics of the tyre by controlling the interaction between polymer, filler materials and other rubber chemicals on a molecular level. This helps reduce friction, heat and tread deformation during tyre rotation, leading to better tread grip and longer wear life.

OBF (Smooth high-speed riding)


A filler is included to the outer bead in addition to a small inner bead filler. This provides optimum force distribution and rigidity balance to the sidewall profile, contributing to the improvement in shock absorption and cornering stability.

RC POLYMER (More confident road contact)

Polymer improves wear resistance of tires, and silica is effective for wet performance. Although these two compounds are usually not compatible, the potential of both compounds is drastically increased by promoting affinity between them. RC POLYMER for motorcycles, developed using Bridgestone’s key technology NanoPro-Tech®*, contributes to the improvement of wet performance and longer wear life.

* NanoPro-Tech® is Bridgestone’s key technology which controls the nanostructure of tire materials through molecular design, in order to emphasize the needed characteristics of the material.

SACT (Higher mileage)


The center area utilizes a compound which specializes in wear resistance, and the shoulder with a compound which specializes in grip performance. By combining these compounds, two conflicting features, ""long life durability"" and ""high grip performance"" have been dimensionally fused. The two compounds are unified through intermolecular coupling at high temperature.

SACT + CAP&BASE (All weather performance)

SACT gives centre-tread mileage and shoulder grip, while the underlying Cap & Base layer enhances tread stiffness for better grip, shock absorption and all-weather performance.

SILICA RICH (Stronger grip in wet and cold)


Silica Rich Compound ensures high grip performance in low temperature conditions at the early stage of riding and exhibits excellent wet performance.

SILICA RICH EX (More confident front tyre grip)


Performance in wet conditions is improved by greatly increasing the amount of silica compared to conventional SILICA RICH.



A new belt added to the conventional MS BELT. The pressure has been equalized to the ground surface. By enlarging the ground contact surface area, gripping performance during cornering has been improved. This also contributes to better gripping, reduction in ground contact surface area which causes slipping, and better wear control.


The variable mono spiral belt construction optimizes the spacing between the HTSPC wire system in order to change the rigidity ot its optimum all over the tread area.

3LC + Cap and Base

3LC gives centre-tread mileage and shoulder grip, while the underlying Cap & Base layer enhances tread stiffness for better grip, shock absorption and all-weather performance.


Pulse Groove icon

Pulse Groove

Pattern groove design combining pulse shaped grooves with small center defelectors. This equalises the waterflow and optimises the flow speed. Resulting in increased water drainage, better grip and adhesion in wet conditions and less slip ratio.


Ultimat EYE icon

Ultimat EYE

Visualisation of the tyre contact patch behavior with measurement and simulation technology. Supplies less slip area for good traction while riding and improves wear life.