Off-The-Road tyres

Bridgestone's premium range of commercial and industrial tyres for all types of terrain and vehicles

Multiple articulated dump trucks working at a large construction site

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Open Pit Mining Tyres

Improved productivity on all types of terrain
Bridgestone's open pit mining products are robust and versatile, so that your drivers stay safe and your vehicles keep running.

Underground Mining Tyres

Exceptional cut resistance, traction and stability
Whatever the surface, whatever the purpose. Bridgestone tyres offer outstanding stability and traction to overcome the various heat-severity requirements needed for underground mining.

Quarry and Construction Tyres

Superior traction, comfort and long-lasting performance
Innovative technologies ensure that Bridgestone's quarry and construction tyres are known for improving efficiency, reducing downtime and increasing your return on investment.

Industrial Operations and Port

Designed for heavy loads and a variety of applications
Bridgestone's industrial tyres are constructed to wear evenly and provide superior cornering, stability and comfort even when carrying heavy loads.

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Two off-the-road vehicles equipped with Bridgestone tyres are at work in a large quarry