Articulated Dump Truck Tyres

Our self-cleaning treads excel on muddy surfaces, while our closed, compact treads tackle rocky conditions

An articulated dump truck equipped with Bridgestone off-the-road tyres
Bridgestone VLT packshot
close up of a rocky surface
  • Suitable for wet, soft and muddy surfaces.
  • Excellent manoeuvrability, traction and flotation.
  • Ensures a very comfortable ride due to its superb stability.
Bridgestone VLTS packshot
close up of a rocky surface
  • Particularly suitable for rocky and abrasive conditions with superior traction, even in muddy conditions.
  • Good handling and comfort on hard packed surfaces.
  • Long tread life and an excellent cut resistance.
Bridgestone VSNT packshot
close up of a rocky surface
  • Deep tread tyre suitable for tough quarry, mining or handling sites.
  • Optimum traction without compromising the tread life and the riding comfort.
Bridgestone VTS packshot
close up of a rocky surface
  • Exceptional stability with its wider contact surface, a superior driving comfort.
  • Optimum traction and self-cleaning.

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Two off-the-road vehicles equipped with Bridgestone tyres are at work in a large quarry