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  • Best-in-class rated tyre for mileage vs. premium summer van tyres 1
  • Shortest wet & dry braking distance vs. premium summer van tyres 2
  • Improved fuel / energy efficiency Up to -21% rolling resistance vs. its predecessor 3

ENLITEN logo   Electric vehicle ready: tyre designed to meet the specific requirements of electric vehicles


*ENLITEN is a set of technologies providing best-in-class tyre performance with a step change towards sustainability compared with previous generations.


All Season Van tyre
  • Best-in-class wet grip index
  • Winter ready, for all year usage
  • Sidewall protector rib
Summer Van tyre
  • Durability and Economy
  • Wet Control and Stability
  • Designed for car derived vans
Summer Van tyre
  • High mileage combined with fuel economy
  • High traction and stable handling in wet weather
  • Rugged design, extra-durable construction

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