This image shows a motorcyclist riding their motorbike with Bridgestone touring tyres through a scenic road with mountains in the background.


Boost your confidence on the road with Bridgestone touring tyres. Offering superior wet performance, dry handling and extended tyre life.


Touring Touring motorcycle tyre
  • Safety in the wet
  • Excellent mileage, quality construction and proven durability
  • Balanced performance
  • Ultimate comfort
  • Variety of specs
Touring Touring motorcycle tyre
  • A difference you can feel
  • Total peace of mind
  • Sports handling
  • Superior construction
  • Go the distance
Touring Touring motorcycle tyre
  • Renewal of an icon with modern technology
  • Reduced irregular wear
  • No sacrifice on wear life
Touring Touring motorcycle tyre
  • Contact feel and feedback
  • Wet grip performance
  • Sporty attitude
  • Variety of specs
Touring Touring motorcycle tyre
  • 7% shorter braking distance in wet conditions vs. predecessor
  • 13% bigger contact patch on the rear tyre vs. predecessor
  • New Pulse Groove pattern design technology
  • Dedicated GT version for middleweight and heavy motorcycles

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