An achievement in eco‑friendly performance, Ecopia is Bridgestone’s most fuel-efficient truck tyre. Together with Bandag FuelTech® retreads, this total tyre solution helps fleets maximize savings while treading lighter on the planet.

Some of today's major transport challenges

Bridgestone is constantly working to cut the total cost of ownership of your long haul fl eet operations, whilst helping to reduce CO2 emissions and promote ecological conservation. Day after day, we are committed to pushing boundaries, pioneering new technologies and investigating new compound materials, so that we’re constantly improving our premium tyres.

*Test carried out by TÜV SÜD at the request of Bridgestone in June 2018 at ADAC proving ground in Hockenheim (D). Bridgestone ECOPIA H-DRIVE 002 compared to Goodyear Fuelmax D, Continental Ecoplus HD3, Michelin X-Line Energy D2, Pirelli TH:01 in 315/70 R 22.5 size. Report number: 713136052-7_1.

New groundbreaking Ecopia

ECOPIA H002, a new generation of uncompromising tyres for long haul fleets, which save fuel, reduce CO2 emissions and keep you going even in challenging weather conditions.

Ecopia H002 performance

ECOPIA H002 achieved the TÜV SÜD Tyre Performance Mark in recognition of product safety and quality. This achievement applies to each individual tyre: steer, drive and trailer.

Already proven with over 11 fleets, 137 vehicles and over 14,687,640 kilometres.*

*Based on internal fi eld evaluation. Status April 2018
*Based on calculations with the VECTO tool for a 4x2 tractor and trailer combination with ECOPIA H002 315/70R22.5 steer and drive, and 385/55R22.5 trailer tyres compared with the same unit fi tted and under same conditions with previous generation ECOPIA H001 tyres. Please note that actual savings may vary as they depend heavily on other factors.
*Financial savings and CO2 reduction projected for an entire fl eet based on the following assumptions: fl eet size of 150 tractors and 150 trailers, 130,000 km annual mileage per truck, diesel price €1.2/l.

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We have to say that we are really satisfied with the new ECOPIA tyres. They actually generated significant fuel savings at the same time as delivering a long life. Continuity during winter conditions was also important. We will now fit our remaining long haul trucks with ECOPIA H002.” Dawid Sachs, Technical Manager SACHS TRANS

“We were most impressed with the excellent reduction in fuel consumption without compromising any of the other key performance areas. The ECOPIA H002 tyres gave great adherence and traction in diverse atmospheric conditions, great durability and mileage.” José Santos, Technical Director PATINTER SA

Ecopia Technologies

Innovative pattern design improves rolling resistance and wet grip.* It's optimised compression stiffness minimises deformation and energy losses. The higher effective contact area with optimised water drainage for better wet grip.

*Applied on H-STEER 002, H-DRIVE 002 and H-TRAILER 002

Latest compound and mixing technologies for striking the right balance between rolling resistance, wet grip and wear.* NanoPro-TechTM cap compound with nano-selective reactions and new base and bead filler materials to reduce rolling resistance. High Silica cap compound and new mixing technologies for the ECOPIA H-DRIVE 002 to boost wet grip over entire tyre life.

*Applied on H-STEER 002, H-DRIVE 002 and H-TRAILER 002

Optimised in every detail to make a difference:

  1. High number of full-depth sipes improves grip and gives safe operation all year long.
  2. Stone ejectors in centre grooves increase casing resistance.
  3. Slim bead and slim buttress reduce tyre weight and rolling resistance.
  4. Wider shoulder lugs enhance traction and improve water drainage from the centre.
  5. Optimum void distribution improves water drainage and reduces braking distance in wet conditions.
  6. Wide tread width and optimised tread depth improve compression stiffness and cornering power for lower rolling resistance and better mileage.